Water testing kits are available at your local pool supply store. They are for testing ph chlorine and acid level. Anything more than that such as advance chemical test and water hardness,  have your pool supply store test it for you  free of charge. After you buy or before you leave  kindly ask if they perform this free test. They might give you a free bottle for the water sample to bring back in. Once you have your testing kit follow the kits directions to test the water. This is usually done in the deep end of your pool. There are two kinds of kits sold . The liquid chemical tester, and the dip stick type which changes  color after a few seconds the moment you dip it in the pool. Then just compare the result on the bottle’s label. Its is very easy and that’s the one I use most of the time. The liquid type takes a little more longer to do, but it is more accurate of the two. It comes with a small test tube that you fill with water with three bottles of reactive agents. Well the rest of the instructions comes with the package. Its simple to follow. Make sure you read them first before you do your first test.