The best thing to do is to hire a pool cleaning guy to do it for a one time job. You can ask your nearest pool supply store employee if they can do that for you. Most of the time,I think all the time this pool supply store  owners are also in the business of residential pool cleaning business at the same time. Ask him to clean the inside of your filter. Don’t’ let there be a miscommunication to happen. He might vacuum the debris check the chemicals brush the wall and leave with the money. That is not what I’m meant of how to clean your pool filter here. You might get someone who doesn’t speak English if you know what I mean. Ask him to clean the grid, if its clean it doesn’t matter. You need to know how it’s done for a fee. That’s way better than reading a book or asking someone. They probably don’t have the exact filter that you have. Watch him like a hawk, cause you’ll never see him again anyway. Give a tip for his trouble if you want. By then you know how to clean your pool filter.

If you don’t want to do that. here’s the hard way. Buy a wand and you connect that to the end of the hose to spray the grid. Open the pool filter. Go figure how to do that.Remove the whole grid. Spray it, disassemble it,  make sure its clean before you assemble it again,then put it back in the filter, grease the gasket and more. All that stress not to mention you might break something while doing it. Just work overtime at your regular job to pay for that. Of course once you know how to clean pool filter, you can do it yourself to save money. and peace of mind in case you have a housewife at home. Those bastard pool cleaning guy.